Wart Off Freeze 38Ml


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A cryotherapy spray treatment for warts in a 38mL dispenser.

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What are warts?

Warts are viral infections of the skin. Viral warts may appear at any age but are most commonly found in older children. Warts are spread via contact with the virus and most often appear on sites subject to trauma i.e. fingers, elbows, knees and feet.

What is Wart-Off Freeze for?

Treatment for the removal of common warts on the hands and plantar warts on the feet.

Who is Wart-Off Freeze for?

For adults and children over 4 years.

Why should I use Wart-Off Freeze?

Wart-Off Freeze provides innovative treatment for the removal of warts both on the hands and feet. Its special design and unique easy-to-use application method make this device particularly suitable for home use.


38 mL Disperser with permanently fixed applicator. Contains Dimethyl ether (DME)


1. Position the wart upwards. Place the round opening of the applicator cap directly over the wart so it encircles the wart. Ensure the edges of the applicator are in close and snug contact with the surrounding skin.

For Common Warts: Size of the wart – Specific treatment;

Small <3 mm and smaller – Press aerosol dispenser 3 times in a row; Medium-sized 3 mm to 5 mm – Press aerosol dispenser 4 times in a row; Large > 6 mm and larger – Press aerosol dispenser 5 times in a row, Hold the product firmly over the wart. Press the bottom of the dispenser firmly with the thumb 3x to 5x depending on the wart size and hold the applicator in place for 10 seconds. See table.

For Water Warts: Hold the applicator in place and press the dispenser firmly with the thumb 3x times and hold for 5 seconds each time before removing it from the skin.

A 2 mm white halo could appear. A small scar will appear when the site is dry, which will heal in the coming days and weeks.

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Wart Off


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